Age group heroes complete successful swims for hydrocephalus

Team Hydro is thrilled to announce yet another successful pair of fundraising swims by two incredible age group swim teams: The Dorset Dolphins of Marietta, GA, and the Little Falls Penguins of Bethesda, MD.

The Dolphin Dash took place on June 22nd, with 47 athletes completed a record 73 miles and raising almost $15k.  Inspired by their own Lilly Beck (a swimmer and patient), this year’s group from Georgia included swimmers as young as five years old!

The Little Falls Penguins completed a swim of their own on July 11th, with more than 60 registered swimmers. As always, the Penguin’s enthusiasm in supporting the cause is incredibly inspiring. Like the Dolphins, the Penguins are also motivated by a special young swimmer-patient: Team Hydro’s inspiration Kate, who once set records in the very pool in which the Penguins completed their fundraiser.

Taken together, The Dorset Dolphins and Little Falls Penguins have raised nearly $20,000 for Hydrocephalus research so far this summer…and they’re still just getting started!

You can support the swimmers by donating at: