Team Hydro Research Update!!

Team Hydro remains proud that every penny we raise through our swims goes directly to research! (And we mean every penny–as we ensure our costs are underwritten through other means).
As the 2016 swim season begins, and we gear up to find sponsors for our swims, we’d like to mention some of the important research  Team Hydro dollars are already working to benefit!
When reviewing projects for sponsorship, Team Hydro seeks out research looking to find cure-based, or non-surgical treatments for hydrocephalus. We are proud to be working with some of the most cutting-edge labs in the world, both here in the United States, and one as far away as Australia!
Right now, thanks to Team Hydro swimmers, on-land supporters, and donors:
Researchers  at Washington University in St Louis, are looking at how specific drugs reduce the neuroinflamation that occurs following a brain hemorrhage, in hopes of preventing hydrocephalus from developing in patients like Kate (whose illness inspired team hydro), and sweet 5 year old Lilly, from the Dorset Dolphin Team!
Scientists at University of Illinois at Chicago, who have already made important discoveries leading to better understanding of fluid exchange in the brain, are seeking to develop a (non-surgical) molecular shunt for curing hydrocephalus.
At Indiana University/Purdue U, Indiana, a team of researchers are on the way to developing what could very well be the first drug treatment for hydrocephalus.
Finally, research being done at an amazing center in Queensland, Australia is providing crucial insights into the molecular formulation of hydrocephalus– they created a new technique which studies how changes in specific neural cells cause hydrocephalus to develop as the brain develops. This important work is paving the way for even more new strategies and treatments designed to ameliorate this difficult condition once and for all!
Team Hydro is grateful to each and every one of our swimmers, donors, and researchers–
Thanks to YOU, we are certain that one day, a CURE will be found!!


Welcome Team Hydro 2016…and, Sharks and Dolphins to Unite!

The summer months are upon us, and with them comes Swim Season!!! Team Hydro is thrilled to announce that we will once again be participating in BOTH the Sharkfest Alcatraz Escape (sold out) and the Boston Harbor (sign up here) Open Water Swims in our attempt to raise awareness and funds for hydrocephalus research!
Team Hydro will also be sponsoring several other swim-related events for Hydrocephalus, including a new event with the Dorset Dolphin Swim Team of East Cobb County, Georgia!  (You can donate to their cause HERE!)
This amazing group of swimmers from the Dorset Community Swim Team will hold the:  
Dolphin Dashswim for hydrocephalus on June 11!  In this new event, members of this age-group swim team will join together (with any willing parents and friends) to swim as many miles they can while raising much needed awareness and funds for hydrocephalus research!
As they swim, the team will be especially thinking of two members of their own team who are currently living with shunted hydrocephalus–5 year old, Lilly, and 7-year old Parker!!  
More info on the event and this incredible swim team will follow–In the meantime, 
Team Hydro proudly welcomes the Dorset Dolphins to our Team Hydro Family!!  
We are so proud and grateful that you are using swimming to serve others!! 
If you are going to be swimming in the Dolphin Dash, see here for more information on the cause, frequently asked questions, and tips for raising funds:  Thank you!
Clearly, great things are in store for Team Hydro this Summer and Fall! 
Our individual swimmer, online donation site will be up later this week–keep an eye out!
Thanks to all our swimmers, on-land supporters, and donors for your help and support!  We can’t wait to see you in, on, or by the water!!!
Go Team Hydro!!