The Chester Valley Dolphins Join the Team Hydro Family!

Over 100 swimmers from the Chester Valley Golf Club Swim Team in Malvern, Pennsylvania joined the Team Hydro Family this week!  Each year the CV Dolphins hold a “Charity Swim” event where they gather for fun relay races and raise funds for a worthy cause.  At Team Hydro, we applaud the parents and coaches who are teaching the kids the importance of using the talents and resources with which you’ve been blessed to try to make the world a better place!

All the swimmers had the opportunity to learn about hydrocephalus and the mission of Team Hydro before donning their new Team Hydro Swim Caps and lining up for fun relay races.  A fan favorite was when the kids all used their hands to make ‘shark fins’ above their heads as they raced across the pool — a nod to Team Hydro’s annual swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco.

High schoolers Hailey Rittenhouse and Patrick Berry did a phenomenal job organizing and leading the event.  Patrick expressed his feelings on the experience: “Before [the swim] I had little knowledge of hydrocephalus, but now I feel like an expert and certainly an advocate for [better] treatments!  The charity swim proved to not only be very fun for the kids, but also informative and raised awareness for a very important cause.”

It was inspiring to see these two fine youth leading and motivating their fellow swimmers to learn about hydrocephalus.  Their example will no doubt show the younger kids the importance of giving back.   We’d also like to thank Coach Jay Schiller, Stacey Berry, and Michelle Lynch for empowering these kids to lead and enabling their success.

The donations are still coming in, but as of press time they had raised nearly $3,000 for hydrocephalus research.  In keeping with Team Hydro’s long-standing commitment, 100% of funds raised by these kiddos will go directly to funding hydrocephalus research!

You can support the kids by making a donation on their team page HERE

Check out below for fun photos from the swim!