Dolphins Dash Over 19 Miles for Hydrocephalus!!

Giving new meaning to the word “TEAMWORK” the Dorset Dolphin Swim team of Marietta, Georgia took to their pool this past Saturday to take part in the Dolphin Dash–Swim for Hydrocephalus. Swimming as hard as they could  for an hour and a half, over 30 young age-group swimmers, a few coaches, and even some amazing parents from this summer rec swim team, worked and swam together to raise $3,701 (and counting!) for hydrocephalus research!!  In the process, this incredible group also raised much needed awareness about this life-threatening condition within their community.
Team Hydro could not be more proud of this amazing Team! 
The Dolphin Swim Team, which competes in May and June every year, devoted a Saturday morning to this great event.  During the Dash, the teammates (aged 4-18), learned more about hydrocephalus, swam hard, and even took time to make handmade cards for children hospitalized with the condition.  The Dolphin Dash was led by Team Parent Anna Beck, who knows first hand the importance of raising awareness and research funds for research–Anna’s own daughter, is currently living with shunted hydrocephalus (and until, she broke her arm the week before the swim, had planned to participate in the Dash). The team’s passion for funding a cure for hydrocephalus was fueled by the fact that 2 swimmers on the team, as well as the nephew of one of the coaches, are all currently living with the condition.
Team Hydro salutes the Dorset Dolphins–we are so grateful for your willingness to use your strength to serve others, by holding the Dolphin Dash–Swim for Hydrocephalus Research!!
It’s not too late to donate to the Dolphin Dash!! To add your important contribution to this great cause:  donate here!
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First Dolphin Dash for Hydrocephalus a HUGE Success!

First Dolphin Dash — Swim for Hydrocephalus A HUGE Success!!
On Saturday, June 11, 2016 30 swimmers, parent and, coaches joined to gather to raise over $3,701 (and counting) for hydrocephalus research!!  By swimming a total of over 19 miles in just an hour and a half, these great swimmers certainly demonstrated the passion that motivates every Team Hydro Swimmer!! The team held the event at the Dorset Swim Club in Marietta, Georgia!  It was a special day all around!  Families gathered and cheered, a young DJ motivated the swimmers and crowd, and the kids even decorated cards to share with hospitalized hydrocephalus patients!  It was wonderful to see the team come together and use their strength to serve others!!
Team Hydro congratulates every swimmer, donor, and on-land supporter who helped to make this event such a wonderful success!  Every penny raised will now be used to fund important research for this currently incurable condition!!  Thanks to you, we are now closer to a cure!!
Take a look at the pictures below and see just how fun raising awareness and funds for hydrocephalus can be!!
Thank you Dolphins!!

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Little Falls Swims Again!

  Penguins to Swim for Hydrocephalus in 2016!

That’s right!  On July 14th of this year the Little Falls Swim Team of Bethesda, Maryland will take to the water  to Swim for Hydrocephalus Research for an amazing 5th year in a row!  

This phenomenal group of age-group swimmers, coaches (and parents) will generously put aside their individual and team goals on this day as they dedicate one whole practice to raising awareness and research funds in support of those currently living with hydrocephalus!  The team also swims in of a former teammate who passed from complications of this devastating disease!

In addition to completing the Swim, and raising funds, throughout the summer, (under the guidance of parent coordinator Sarah Farnsworth),  the Team will take part in all sort of activities designed to increase the Teams understanding of the condition and to spread awareness in the community and beyond.  They will be:  learning about hydrocephalus, hearing stories about and wearing bracelets in memory or honor of children and adults with the condition, making cards for patients in hospitals around the country, selling “hydrate for hydrocephalus” water bottles at meets, and generally spreading the word of the critical need for increased hydrocephalus research!

Team Hydro could not be more  proud of this great group of swimmers, coaches and parents!  We are honored to have Penguins in our Team Hydro family!!

We wish you great luck in your season, and in your efforts to support Hydrocephalus Research! 

Go Team Hydro! Go Little Falls! 

Together, let’s FUND a cure!

To learn more about the Little Falls Swim for Hydrocephalus, see the Little Falls page on this site.

You can Donate to the Penguin Swim here: