2015 has officially marked another successful and exciting Alcatraz Crossing by Team Hydro (see photos here)!

The event was a reminder of what we can accomplish together, and a great start to our 2015 fundraising efforts — though we still have a ways to go to reach our goal for the year!

We had a number of medalists on the award podium, including Olympic Gold Medalist Jessica Steffens, hero Greg Osborn, and fan favorite Cap Damrell. Cap’s sister, Kate, also swam, and, as a person living with shunted hydrocephalus, she demonstrated the resilience and drive of the patients we swim to honor! Team Hydro was also excited to welcome Sonia Podvin, medical researcher and former recipient of the Team Hydro research grant!

Our Team included so many wonderful and dedicated swimmers, many of whom traveled long distances from all over the country — coming in from as far as Mexico, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Florida, and Utah to take the plunge! But regardless of distance traveled, the truth is that we at Team Hydro remain grateful for EVERY SINGLE ONE of our swimmers!! We could not do what we do without any one of you, and we hope you feel our appreciation for each swimmer who dons a team hydro cap, or on-land supporter who helps our cause in any way!

We’d also like to give a special shout out to first time Team Hydro swimmer Matt Menesini, who demonstrated incredible courage and poise under extreme pressure when he put his own swim and life on the line to assist others in an emergency in the open water. We are so proud of you, Matt.

To all who participated — THANK YOU SO MUCH!

2015 was also a reminder of how unpredictable the life of people living with hydrocephalus can be. Team Hydro’s 2014 top finisher, Kyle Voulgaris, was hospitalized on Thursday night due to a brain infection — prognosis is good, but he is undergoing further tests to ensure he is able to receive the best and appropriate treatments. Hopefully he’ll be back with us in 2016! This is the third straight year a Team Hydro swimmer with hydrocephalus was unable to compete due to last minute health challenges. Kyle was in our hearts as we took the plunge yesterday, and continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Finally, we are anticipating some exciting research news soon regarding the specific use of your hard-earned donations–so stay tuned! Thank you again for your love and support, and we hope to have you with us again in the future!

Also, don’t miss the sign-up for this year’s Boston Harbor Swim! Sign up here!

Alcatraz Swimmer Instructions

Greetings Hydrosharks!!

It’s swim week!  And what a week it will be!!  On Saturday,  each and all of our intrepid Team Hydro members will leap from the ferry into the bay to swim for hydrocephalus!!  We are so grateful for the willingness of each of you to swim on behalf of all those seeking to live with this life-threatening condition!

So here’s a few reminders for Race Day!

Pick up your special Team Hydro Cap and bracelet!  After you check-in at the maritime museum in aquatic park, look for Sam outside the building, or head to the Team Hydro table–he’ll/we’ll give you your special cap, as well as the story of and a bracelet bearing the name of a person with hydrocephalus in whose honor you can swim.  Some of our swimmers have said reading the story of a real person who has overcome such great challenges gave them the inspiration they needed to complete the swim when going got tough in the bay!

Gather with Team Hydro at the Team Hydro table prior to the race Announcements–we’ll psych each other up, listen to the announcements, give you some extra pointers, and walk together to the ferries!

Remember to take the team Hydro Ferry which will be the one on the left when facing Alcatraz!  We’ll cheer each other on during the ride– and make sure all feel comfortable and ready to leap into the bay for a GREAT and IMPORTANT cause!

Following the Race, don’t forget to head back to the Team Hydro table for hot chocolate, fruit, power bars, and friendship!  Be ready to be congratulated by teammates, and on-land supporters while you recount YOUR escape from Alcatraz!
By now you should have received the race information email from the Sharkfest folks.  Be sure to read it.

If you have ANY questions regarding the swim, do not hesitate to email us at  Having swum the race a number of times, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions or give advice!

Mostly, thanks so much for swimming with Team Hydro!  If you haven’t done so already, it is not too late to set up a fundraising page and collect some money  to support hydrocephalus research!  CLICK HERE

See you bright and early on Saturday!