Penguins Plunge Over 100 Miles for Hydrocephalus!

The Little Falls Penguins of Bethesda, Maryland took to the pool this week to use their swimming abilities for GOOD!  There were 82 swimmers in all, 66 of whom swam at least one mile!  All together they tallied an incredible 109 miles in honor of those living with hydrocephalus.  The youngest swimmers were as young as five years old, but they gave it their all!

Before the swim, the swimmers learned about hydrocephalus and what it is like to live with the condition; they also shared the story of their former teammate, Kate Finlayson, who passed away from complications associated with hydrocephalus in 2010.  Each swimmer then took the time to read the story of an individual living with hydrocephalus — and donned a wristband bearing his or her name.  This helped make the cause more personal for each participant, and also provided some extra motivation when the swim started to get tiring!  After the swim, kids made cards for pediatric patients living with hydrocephalus.

Team Hydro is honored to have these penguins as a part of the Team Hydro Family!  See some photos from the swim below, and support the Little Falls Penguins in their quest to “fund” a cure by donating here.