The Dolphins Dashed AGAIN in 2024!

The Dorset Dolphin Swim Team in Marietta, Georgia was at it again!  They took to the water on June 7th for the EIGHTH time as they swam in support Lilly, of one of their teammates, as well as a former teammate and coach’s family member who are all living with shunted hydrocephalus.  They have already raised over $6,000 this year alone!

The Dolphins swam as long and as far as they could to raise funds and awareness for hydrocephalus research.  All funds raised went directly to support Team Hydro Foundation’s supported research projects.

The Dolphin Dash provides an opportunity for these young athletes to learn about hydrocephalus and build awareness of the need for increased research, all while helping to find a cure for hydrocephalus!  Please help these Dolphins reach their fundraising goals, 100% of which will go directly to funding research!! 

Support them here: