Only 2 Days Left in 2015!

Dear Team Hydro, This year has been a wonderful one for Team Hydro, including an exciting announcement that we will sponsor four new grants for innovation in Hydrocephalus research. The work sponsored by these grants will have immediate applications in both basic research and therapeutic development and validation. To all who contributed to making these

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Success at Boston Harbor!

Some 40 Team Hydro swimmers raced across the Boston Harbor today in one of our most successful swims to date! Harbor HydroSharks included a developmental neurobiologist from Harvard who specializes in Hydrocephalus-related work, medical students and researchers from Harvard Medical school and MIT, industry experts at pharmaceutical companies Biogen and Genentech, competitive triathletes, nurses, employees of the

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Team Hydro to Sponsor HANDS Innovator Awards!

Team Hydro is proud to announce it will sponsor one or more 2015 Innovator Awards through the Hydrocephalus Association Network for Discovery Science  (H.A.N.D.S). These awards will be given to investigators who develop projects designed to further “understanding of disease mechanisms and the identification and pre-clinical testing of therapies to prevent or reverse all forms of

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2015 has officially marked another successful and exciting Alcatraz Crossing by Team Hydro (see photos here)! The event was a reminder of what we can accomplish together, and a great start to our 2015 fundraising efforts — though we still have a ways to go to reach our goal for the year! We had a

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What we do matters!

Need some motivation to get you through these last few weeks of training, or need to be inspired that your effort to raise funds and awareness for this cause is is really making a difference? One Million Lives Take a look at  these stories about REAL people attempting to live with Hydrocephalus: Sweet baby Gabriel

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Team Hydro Swims Alcatraz on 8/8!

Team Hydro is all set to make its eighth swim across the San Francisco Bay on 8/8! Check out this new video created by Team Hydro supporter Liam Woodward, a 12-year-old from Castro Valley, CA.  And be sure to share this page with your friends and encourage them to donate here! Thanks, Liam.  Go Team Hydro!!!!