Team Hydro to Escape from Alcatraz June 7th!!!

Why are Team Hydro Swimmers ready to jump into the Bay for Hydrocephalus?!


…Hydrocephalus affects over 1 million Americans and there is no Cure!

 …People “survive” cancer, stroke, traumatic brain injury, only to later DIE from resultant hydrocephalus.
…60% of children diagnosed with hydrocephalus will never live independently!
…1 in 3 shunts (the most common form of treatment) will fail within a year of implantation!
…Up to 20% of Older adults experiencing dementia and thought to have Alzheimer’s, may actually have a  TREATABLE form of Hydrocephalus, misdiagnosed due to lack of awareness!
….Shunt implantations for hydrocephalus are the most common cause of brain surgery in children!
These facts, and more like them, are why we swim!!!
Hydrocephalus remains an incurable and under-research condition!!
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