What if everything advanced as SLOWLY as hydrocephalus treatments?

Not much has changed in the treatment of hydrocephalus since 1960 (arguably since 1955) when shunts became the standard of care.  To put that in perspective, we wondered, what would life be like if we hadn’t made advances in other areas since the 50’s?  When you look at it this way…isn’t it time for a change?!   Help Support Hydrocephalus Research.

For example, this was cutting-edge photo technology when the shunt was developed…1955 Camera

In the world of sports, George Mikan was leading the Minneapolis Lakers to an NBA championship, and a 21 year old Mickey Mantle, along with a 28 year old Yogi Berra, were leading the Yankee’s to a 5th consecutive World Series Championship…

NBA 19551955 Mantle

In literature, Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer for “The Old Man and the Sea”…

1955 Hemingway

People who were buying new cars were driving these around – without seat belts…

1955 Chevy

and the ladies were wearing these…

1955 dresses

While listening to the Billboard #1 Hit…

1953 Song

Unacceptable, right?  Stand up today and help change the status quo, Support Hydrocephalus Research!

The Hydrocephalus Story of Wells B.

We received an email today from Wells, a 27 year old who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at age 5.  Honestly, I teared-up as I read it.  We’re thinking of you, Wells, and are proud of the courage with which you face each and every day. Remember, Wells:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

“At five years old I was a happy, much loved, little boy who just had always walked on the ball of my foot.  My Mom always worried that this wasn’t normal, and took me to many, many doctors trying to find out what was wrong.  Finally, many appointment’s later, I saw a Neurosurgeon who was world renowned at Children’s hospital in Detroit Michigan. 

My family learned I have Hydrocephalus.  They told me I needed a SHUNT placed in my brain.  Little did any of us know that I would be in 46 times for revisions by the time I was 25one of which ended in a stroke with a six week stay–nothing has been ok since. After years of surgeries and shunt problems, I now have almost no short term memory and more problems than can be told in a few short paragraphs.   

I’m frustrated, lonely, because people know I’m different, and they often ignore me, or don’t give me a chance.    

I’ve lost my driving privileges and had to move back home. I know I’m right in thinking my life shouldn’t be this way, (having my shunt stop working frequently, so I am in an d out of the hospital all the time, and finding my ability to do things decrease every year as I grew)–Some days I can make the best of it and honestly, other days I’m depressed.   

I am now 27 years old and I never know if I’ll be in the hospital tomorrow or not.  It is hard to plan and prepare for a regular job and life.  

I thank you for all your efforts to find money for hydrocephalus research, so maybe some other little kid can be spared almost not knowing how a normal healthy life could be.  

My Mom who knows me so well, and my Dad who can’t fix me like he can fix almost anything else, helped me write this.   Until better treatment is found, we will struggle on and always strive for just one more good day!!!”  ~Wells B.

Team Hydro to Escape from Alcatraz June 7th!!!

Why are Team Hydro Swimmers ready to jump into the Bay for Hydrocephalus?!


…Hydrocephalus affects over 1 million Americans and there is no Cure!

 …People “survive” cancer, stroke, traumatic brain injury, only to later DIE from resultant hydrocephalus.
…60% of children diagnosed with hydrocephalus will never live independently!
…1 in 3 shunts (the most common form of treatment) will fail within a year of implantation!
…Up to 20% of Older adults experiencing dementia and thought to have Alzheimer’s, may actually have a  TREATABLE form of Hydrocephalus, misdiagnosed due to lack of awareness!
….Shunt implantations for hydrocephalus are the most common cause of brain surgery in children!
These facts, and more like them, are why we swim!!!
Hydrocephalus remains an incurable and under-research condition!!
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