Boston Harbor Swim a Huge Success!

The sun was shining and the skies a brilliant blue as over 50 intrepid Team Hydro swimmers, paddlers and volunteers gathered on the Boston waterfront among 390 other swimmers and their families to raise awareness and funds for hydrocephalus research.

Much like the lives of the hydrocephalus patients we seek to honor, the waters of the harbor were filled with unexpected turbulence and challenge for swimmers and paddlers alike. Undaunted however, Team Hydro swimmers raced to the finish, raising loads of awareness and funds for the cause along the way. The team — consisting of folks from all walks of life: MIT swim team members, Harvard med students, nurses, fathers, grandmas, and even a cerebrospinal fluid researcher — made a real impact at the swim answering question after question about the cause which unites them from the large crowd and group of other swimmers at the event. The swimmers also raised funds, helping Team Hydro raise over $51,000 this summer, 100% of which will go directly to support hydrocephalus research!

Team Hydro swimmers demonstrated the depth of their swimming strength as well by finishing strong in the race as well. One swimmer placed 3rd overall in the event of over 350 swimmers (including an Olympian), several other team hydro members stood on the podium in their age groups as well. The Team Hydro crowd on land was medal worthy as well, keeping spirits high and having a great time greeting swimmers at the finish!

Team Hydro is so proud of each and every swimmer, volunteer, and on land supporter– we thank each and every one who joined us today– a great time time in support of a great cause was had by all!!

Team Hydro to Cross the Boston HAHBAH on Saturday!

The Boston Harbor may be best known for an important tea-dumping incident which took place almost 250 years ago, but next Saturday, this very same harbor will be the site of another life-changing event– the TEAM HYDRO SWIM for HYDROCEPHALUS!!

That’s right, on Saturday, October 17, 2016, intrepid swimmers from Team Hydro will once again leap into the frigid waters of the HAHBAH, amidst strong currents, lobster traps, tall ships, and schooners, to swim in support of Hydrocephalus Research!

Hydrocephalus, a life-threatening neurologic condition affecting the brain for which there is NO CURE, affects almost 1 million americans! And yet awareness and research for this devastating condition is severely lacking! Team Hydro is a group of swimmers and on-land supporters seeking to put an end to hydrocephalus by funding important cure-based research! Every penny the TEAM raises will go directly to fund research coordinated through the Hydrocephalus Association, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit.

If you are swimming with us Saturday, remember we will meet at the Team Hydro Area on the grass by the Joseph A Moakley US Couthouse, where the race ends! Race registration is right near by, and it will take place from 9:30-10:30.

The TEAM HYDRO Team Area is the place you will be able to pick up your t-shirt and special TEAM HYDRO SWIM CAP (race-sanctioned especially for our swimmers). We will also have snacks, a place to keep your gear, and will be a place for friends and family to gather as well.

Most importantly, we will be sharing the stories of and handing out special bracelets honoring people who are living with or who have passed from hydrocephalus. We invite all or our swimmers (and on-land supporters too!) to read a story, put on a bracelet, and dedicate your swim (or day) to someone who knows what it is like to face challenges and uncertainty every single day!

See you at the HAHBAH!


2016 Alcatraz Swim — another success!


The spirit of love and compassion was strong again this year as we rallied together in support of this great cause.  Hugs were shared and tears were shed as we reflected on the lives of those no longer with us, and the uncertainty that those still here face.  We won’t rest until people no longer need to suffer at the hands of hydrocephalus.  A photo of the team shortly before boarding the ferry is below!

Much more to follow, but a few highlights we wanted to call out from today…in no particular order!

  • Kyle Voulgaris placed 7th overall…out of ~1,000 swimmers!
  • Kate Damrell was joined by her older brother AND both parents!  Kate ROCKED it, and she’s excited to have her younger brother swim with us in 2017!
  • Kate and Kyle are two of our swimmers living with hydrocephalus!
  • Sonia Podvin, the researcher who received the very first Team Hydro grant, made the trip from warm San Diego to brave the freezing cold waters of San Francisco!!
  • The Team Hydro roster included two Australian blokes, and a wonderful man from Columbia — they found us online!  It is so inspiring to see the global reach of our efforts…and it was cool to share about the research we are supporting at Piper Lab at the University of Queensland!
  • Greg Osborn (cancer survivor, vietnam vet, with multiple artificial joints) completed the swim for his 7th(!) time this year.  Incredible man!
  • Kate Finlayson’s mom Pam swam again this year, carrying her daughter in her heart.  Such an inspiration to us all!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the freezing waters off the rocky shores of Alcatraz!  🙂


The Day Has Arrived…!

On the eve of our ninth Alcatraz swim, we cannot help but be grateful for all the love and support from so many for so long. We have a long way to go, but we’re making progress!

Team Hydro cant wait to see all our Swimmers and Onland Supporters on the shores of Aquatic Park in SF on Saturday as we make our 9th Annual crossing of the Bay in support of hydrocephalus!! Here’s a reminder of the key milestones for tomorrow:

6:30–7:55AM: ATHLETE CHECK-IN at Aquatic Park Maritime Museum. Come to the Team Hydro Banner before and after checking-in!
~7:55AM: TEAM HYDRO PHOTO by the banner!
8:10AM: Athletes WALK TO THE FERRY from Aquatic to the Blue and Gold Ferry at Pier 41.
8:50AM: FERRY DEPARTS. Miss the ferry, miss the swim!
9:30AM: Race start is signaled by the SECOND ferry horn blast.

On-land Supporters can Look for our Swimmers in our special Team Hydro caps to begin making it to shore between: 10am–10:45am
You can make a contribution here:

We cant wait to see our swimmers, and on-land supporters by the Team Hydro Banner in Aquatic Park!!

Why on Earth Would Team Hydro Swimmers Escape from Alcatraz?!

“Whooo!–Wow–What a rush!!” Those were the words of one first-time Team Hydro swimmer after he jumped into the bay to begin his first Alcatraz Escape for Hydrocephalus!! And no wonder! It is NO ordinary thing to make the swim from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco across the bay!!


Indeed, in order to complete this treacherous swim, our Hydrosharks need jump into the freezing cold bay from a ferry rocking in the waves! Our swimmers then brave freezing water temperatures and fight a fierce and mounting tide as they make their way ,stroke by stroke across the churning bay to a shore, almost 2 miles away!!


Why would anyone even attempt such a thing?!


We at Team Hydro have very good reason–we swim for great cause–to raise awareness and fund for Hydrocephalus Research!!


Saturday, August 13, over a 100 members of our intrepid group will once again attempt the Escape! We cant wait to gather on the shore of aquatic Park to join together in our desire to FIND a CURE for Hydrocephalus!


We look forward to seeing all our swimmers and on-land supporters by the Team Hydro Banner at Aquatic Park on Saturday!


Swimmer check-in: 6:30-7:55am
Gather at the Team Hydro Banner after checking in at race headquarters.


Walk to Ferries begins at 8:10am. Team Hydro swimmers take the ferry on the left!


Race begins at 9:30. (Signaled by 2nd ferry blast).


Swimmers to shore: 10-10:45 am!!


See YOU at the Team Hydro Banner!!



Little Falls Penguins Take Flight in 2016 Swim for Hydrocephalus!

Once again, the mighty Penguins of the Little Falls Swim Team have risen to the challenge!

Braving temperatures of up to 105 degrees on land, this wonderful group of swimmers from Bethesda, MD have taken to the water to raise funding and awareness for Hydrocephalus.

More than 60 swimmers participated in this years fantastic fundraiser, and they have already raised more than $5,000!  Support them here!!!! 

Thank you, Little Falls!

Little Falls 2016

Dolphins Dash Over 19 Miles for Hydrocephalus!!

Giving new meaning to the word “TEAMWORK” the Dorset Dolphin Swim team of Marietta, Georgia took to their pool this past Saturday to take part in the Dolphin Dash–Swim for Hydrocephalus. Swimming as hard as they could  for an hour and a half, over 30 young age-group swimmers, a few coaches, and even some amazing parents from this summer rec swim team, worked and swam together to raise $3,701 (and counting!) for hydrocephalus research!!  In the process, this incredible group also raised much needed awareness about this life-threatening condition within their community.
Team Hydro could not be more proud of this amazing Team! 
The Dolphin Swim Team, which competes in May and June every year, devoted a Saturday morning to this great event.  During the Dash, the teammates (aged 4-18), learned more about hydrocephalus, swam hard, and even took time to make handmade cards for children hospitalized with the condition.  The Dolphin Dash was led by Team Parent Anna Beck, who knows first hand the importance of raising awareness and research funds for research–Anna’s own daughter, is currently living with shunted hydrocephalus (and until, she broke her arm the week before the swim, had planned to participate in the Dash). The team’s passion for funding a cure for hydrocephalus was fueled by the fact that 2 swimmers on the team, as well as the nephew of one of the coaches, are all currently living with the condition.
Team Hydro salutes the Dorset Dolphins–we are so grateful for your willingness to use your strength to serve others, by holding the Dolphin Dash–Swim for Hydrocephalus Research!!
It’s not too late to donate to the Dolphin Dash!! To add your important contribution to this great cause:  donate here!
dorset1 dorset

First Dolphin Dash for Hydrocephalus a HUGE Success!

First Dolphin Dash — Swim for Hydrocephalus A HUGE Success!!
On Saturday, June 11, 2016 30 swimmers, parent and, coaches joined to gather to raise over $3,701 (and counting) for hydrocephalus research!!  By swimming a total of over 19 miles in just an hour and a half, these great swimmers certainly demonstrated the passion that motivates every Team Hydro Swimmer!! The team held the event at the Dorset Swim Club in Marietta, Georgia!  It was a special day all around!  Families gathered and cheered, a young DJ motivated the swimmers and crowd, and the kids even decorated cards to share with hospitalized hydrocephalus patients!  It was wonderful to see the team come together and use their strength to serve others!!
Team Hydro congratulates every swimmer, donor, and on-land supporter who helped to make this event such a wonderful success!  Every penny raised will now be used to fund important research for this currently incurable condition!!  Thanks to you, we are now closer to a cure!!
Take a look at the pictures below and see just how fun raising awareness and funds for hydrocephalus can be!!
Thank you Dolphins!!

dorset1 dorset